The benefits of Automation


The benefits of Automation

Modern Robotic Technology is helping many manufacturing companies become much leaner in their production. Using robots enables manufacturers to reduce both direct and overhead costs making a dramatic difference to the overall competitiveness of a company.

The benefits of industrial robots can be endless; they are quick and efficient, do not mind endless repetition and do not tire.  In this blog we discuss the top 5 reasons we think that robots are worthy of investment.


1) Reduced Operating Costs  


declining graph iconThe use of robots allows manufacturers to become more competitiveand ensure consistency and repeatability. A robot can eliminate errors that may end in wasted product, saving money as wellas increasing product output in a given time. Robots do not need lighting or heating, which with increasing energy prices can prove to be a useful energy saving measure.


2) Repeatability & Quality

Having a machine that is automated speeds up the production time; since no thinking is needed by the machine there is better repeatability, and less human error. A machine that Rebeatable Icon
performs repeated tasks is less likely to make mistakes than an employee. Automation is precise and repeatable; robots never need sleep or breaks.  It ensures the product is manufactured with the same specifications and process every time.  Automated operations ensure that jobs are not forgotten or run out of sequence, that prerequisite jobs are completed successfully, and that the input data is correct, increasing the quality.

3) Increased safety

safety-icon-12Having automated machines means having less employees who perform tasks that can be dangerous and prone to injury, which can make the work environment safer. Robots are designed to readily take on unpleasant, arduous and potentially health-threatening tasks that may be currently undertaken by manual workers. In turn, they can help reduce the likelihood of accidents caused by contact with machine tools or other potentially hazardous production machinery processes.


4) Automated Competition Will Seize Market ShareMarket Share

Those manufacturers who have invested in robot technology will be the companies that are best positioned to respond quickly to changes in customer demands.

5) Better utilisation of the workforce

icon-smarter-workforce-blueKeep your production team focused on delighting their customers by eliminating common, mundane tasks. Placing your team on jobs that utilise their skills set will keep them engaged, focussed and ultimately more productive.



ABP Automation

ABB robots at ABB SACE in Frosinone, Italy

The origins of ABP go back to 1966 when we were primarily a contractor to the UK Ministry of Defence. Since then, ABP has grown considerably and established a strong international reputation as innovators in product design, manufacturing and engineering. We pride ourselves on providing a full turnkey solution, developing concepts for our customers and working with them on their automation journey to deliver a bespoke solution exactly suited to their individual requirements.

As one of Britain’s leading providers, we have a wealth of experience in the automated manufacture, assembly, test and inspection of a wide range of products, from small household and medical devices to large scale suspension systems. Our expertise in Special Purpose Automation spans a wide variety of critical market sectors, including the most demanding applications.

We know that when it comes to process automation, one size does not fit all. That’s why we custom-design and develop solutions to suit your exact requirements, cost-effectively. This also explains why we are not affiliated to any distributor or stockist, ensuring that we deliver the optimum solution for you – whatever that may be.

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