Q&A with Rory Dickinson, Chief of Staff at ABP

Q&A with Rory Dickinson, Chief of Staff at ABP

Q. Rory, tell us about your new role at ABP?

A. I’m here to support the MD on a daily basis meaning in any one week I can wear a variety of hats! I oversee any special projects within the company that may include upgrades/work to the facilities, managing and co-ordinating the marketing activity as well as supporting any areas in the business that experience a sudden influx of work. I love the role as every day is different. One day I can be leading a large tender for the company, the next ordering new coffee machines or organising the Christmas party!


Q. What makes ABP unique?

A. We are currently going through a big drive to modernise the company to ensure ABP can stay at the forefront of innovation on EOD ROV’s. We are looking to introduce a new MRP system over the next year to help streamline our manufacturing and purchasing practices as well as other change initiatives within the organisation. We’ve also committed to a program of investment in our staff. We have completed a number of in-house training programs and we are currently running an internal management training program. In September this year, we took the opportunity to send over half the ABP team (Purchasing, Accounts, Engineering and Shop Floor) to DSEI, the global defence exhibition in London. It provided an invaluable opportunity for the teams to see first-hand where ABP sits in the global marketplace and what it has to offer. It is crucial for the future success of the business that everyone at ABP understands the objectives and drive of the company and why we do what we do.  

Q. What does the future hold for ABP?

A. The company is facing a very bright future; we are investing heavily into people and processes, which includes a massive push on more efficient practices. We are committed to innovation and technology advancements. Closer to home we have a number of in-house initiatives looking to develop future products and improve existing ones. We have also signed a 2-year Knowledge Transfer Program with Plymouth University which will help us take the future steps in our ROV development. Very exciting times ahead for us all.