Q&A with Ben Spencer, Student Software Engineer at ABP

Q&A with Ben Spencer, Student Software Engineer at ABP

Q. Ben, tell us about your role at ABP.

I’ve just completed my second year at Bournemouth University studying Software Engineering. Within my degree I decided to spend a year in industry with ABP learning the tricks of the trade and trying to strengthen my understanding of industry requirements and challenges. I currently support ABP as a software engineering working with the team to implement software improvements to their two key UGVs on the market. During my time with the company I have been learning as much as I can about the development of industry standard software as well as gaining an insight into the work-life of an engineer at ABP.

Q. What do you like about the company?

ABP is a fantastic place to work. I have been treated as part of the team from day one which has made me feel welcomed. The communication between us is incredible. The entire company functions as one coherent team and because of this, there aren’t any barriers between us, regardless of department or job title. It’s one of the big pushes from senior management to have us all understanding all aspects of the product so we can best work as a team to grow and improve.

Q. Why is ABP important?

The engineering solutions created at ABP allow the safe disposal of IED’s through non-manual means, which helps remove the human contact in what could be a fatal environment. That is the core of what we do here.