Q&A With Grace Nevill


Q&A With Grace Nevill

Grace Nevill recently joined the ABP team, below we interview Grace to find out more about her new role.

Grace, congratulations on your new role as Talent Development Lead at  ABP.  What does your new role involve?

I have a very varied role which has responsibilities across the whole company. I handle ABP’s recruitment needs by sourcing new engineering and office staff, as well as working with recruitment agencies to ensure our process is effective. Additionally, I manage our relationships between academic facilities and coordinate our Apprenticeship Programme. I am also involved in marketing and maintaining our social media.

What attracted you to the role with ABP?

Before I joined ABP in-house, I recruited for them whilst working in local agencies. I developed a genuine interest and passion for the company and wanted to be part of the team. I was attracted to the role because it is varied and allows me to be creative, busy and part of the company’s expansion.

Have you previous experience working in the Automation/EOD/Defence Industries?

Whilst working as an Engineering Recruitment Consultant, I was able to gain an understanding of engineering as a whole. After meeting with ABP, I developed an interest in Automation & Robotics which lead me to recruit solely for this industry. I also have a strong understanding of EOD and Defence sectors and I learn more every day from being here.

What are your main objectives in this role?

My main objective is to push ABP’s expansion by sourcing new employees, including bringing on a number of Engineering and Business Apprentices this year!