New Lightweight Telescopic Disruptor Stand

New Lightweight Telescopic Disruptor Stand

The NEW ABP Lightweight Telescopic Disruptor Stand developed by ABP to provide a one-stop shop. The stand has been designed to offer full flexibility to the operator, its telescopic design and interchangeable weights allow the operator to manipulate the stand into any position whilst carrying a wide range of different sized disruptors. Its rugged and sturdy design has been engineered to give full range flexibility without compromising on weight. No special tools are needed for set up with hand-operated levers and locking spring pins utilised to make the stand as operator friendly as possible.

The Stand folds down into a compact size for transport and storage. The front stability feet fold to neatly store underneath the main leg whilst the arms lay flat atop the leg.

The Lightweight Disruptor Stand can be used with an array of different disruptors, which can be mounted using the picatinny rail.

ABP is always looking to improve its products and the Lightweight Telescopic Disruptor Stand is one such products. We work with customers to create bespoke equipment to meet their needs in any environment. ABP has in-house capabilities allowing it to draw together its practical EOD experience and innovative engineering expertise to develop and supply equipment customers can rely on even in the toughest of environments.

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