From Museums to Mars: Unmanned Ground Vehicles Saving Time, Money and Lives


From Museums to Mars: Unmanned Ground Vehicles Saving Time, Money and Lives

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) are defined as vehicles that operate in contact with the ground, either remotely operated or autonomous.

Used across diverse civilian and military situations where it would be too dangerous or impractical to have human operators physically present, UGVs are used to protect human lives, equipped with a range of sensors and cameras to give full operational awareness whilst carrying out detailed and complicated tasks.

From Museums to Mars!

The number of UGVs used around the world is growing year on year with a staggering number of sectors starting to see the benefits of unmanned operations both for operator safety but also for efficiency and cost savings. UGVs are used worldwide and below is a small list of these sectors:

  • Space Travel, NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover project (the six-wheeled, solar-powered twin UGVs Spirit and Opportunity that landed on Mars in January 2004)
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
  • Manufacturing, Welding and Logistics,
  • Search and Rescue missions, including first being used to find survivors at the Ground Zero site after 9/11
  • Emergency Services
  • Military Applications
  • Geographical mapping
  • Tourism, Tour guides at sites including museums and national expositions

UGV robots and the fight against the Coronavirus

It has even been reported in the press recently that a team of engineers has designed a new ‘intelligent disinfection robot’ to assist in the urgent demand of deep-cleaning hospital wards, helping to eliminate the potential risk to humans involved in this task. The newly developed disinfection robots are expected to soon be deployed in front-line hospitals to help contain the spread of the virus.

Whether saving lives or serving the public, UGVs really are the unsung heroes of the vehicle world.

At ABP we’re proud to be leading the market in these unsung heroes, and we take huge pride in the way our work touches human lives in high-risk situations every day, all over the world.

 The ABP Guardian: Our All-Terrain All-Rounder

Modern UGVs are designed for a wide range of uses around the globe from manufacturing industry to EOD. ABP’s Guardian UGV is a great example of the leading-edge technology currently on the market to support the EOD scene.

With its unique combination of size, payload capacity, reach, dexterity and maneuverability, the Guardian is able to expertly negotiate a wide variety of urban and rural terrain whilst keeping the operator at a safe distance. With four on-board cameras, GPS, mesh radio or fibre-optic cable communications and 3D vehicle mimic displayed on a touch screen, Guardian operators enjoy maximum situational awareness. Fitted with the newest technology in radio communication the Guardian allows for a four camera live video and audio recording with minimum latency. Allowing operators to review recorded data at a later stage for training.

The Guardian can also be fitted with large range of equipment including X-ray systems, explosive detectors and laser range finders to name just a few.

ABP delivers innovative engineering solutions to meet the needs of global specialist markets in EOD and defence equipment support, providing a wide range of quality products and services in the design, manufacture and support of electro mechanical equipment.

With over 50 years’ experience and a highly specialised team, we take huge pride in the way our work touches human lives in high-risk situations every day, all over the world.

ABP is a highly experienced, effective and established provider of EOD and defence equipment. We have a wide range of EOD products available, which include a range of UGVs, a range of Disruptors and De-armers and a range of specialist EOD equipment.

For more information about our ordinance disposal UGVs Guardian, Archer and Sentinel, click here. 

See the Guardian UGV in action here.