What do manufacturers expect from automation suppliers?

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What do manufacturers expect from automation suppliers?

Last month, ‘The Manufacturer’ published an article discussing what is expected of an automation supplier.

Image Source: The Manufacturer 4th May 2017

Image Source: The Manufacturer 4th May 2017

The graph highlights the key attributes automation suppliers should possess to be effective in the market. Flexible and responsive (76%) and to offer the best technical and sales support (71%) are seen as major attributes. Only a third of respondents thought it important that their supplier was a specialist and a mere 10% thought it was important the supplier was a known brand.

Criteria such as stable pricing, low overall cost of ownership and the global experience of the supplier were all also less important than the ability of the supplier to demonstrate flexibility and excellent sales and technical support.

The Manufacturer stated in its article:
 “With the financial and business investments at stake so high, automation suppliers should be aiming for total satisfaction.”

At ABP, total satisfaction and exceeding our client’s expectations is our number one priority. We understand that when it comes to process automation, everyone has a different requirement. ABP’s business is about developing a strong relationship with its customers by providing a consistently high level of service with a consultative and flexible engineering approach. The drive is to provide highly innovative yet effective and efficient technical solutions to its customers.

The origins of ABP go back to 1966 when we were primarily a contractor to the UK Ministry of Defence. Since then, ABP has grown considerably and we have established a strong international positioning as innovators in product design, manufacturing and engineering.

Business Manager, Gary Fitch, states:

“ABP has built a successful reputation in developing unique, innovative and reliable solutions to solve manufacturing challenges for its customers.  Our customers rely on our automation expertise but also help us understand their process, this collaborative approach helps produce solutions that meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.

Being flexible, listening to the customer and working with them is key to developing the solutions we conceptualize, design and manufacture.”

As one of Britain’s leading automation providers, we have a wealth of experience in the automated manufacture, assembly and inspection of a wide range of products, from small household and medical devices to large-scale factory systems. Our expertise in Special Purpose Automation spans a wide variety of market sectors, including the most demanding applications.

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