Lightweight Disruptors and De-Armers from ABP


Lightweight Disruptors and De-Armers from ABP

As part of ABP’s commitment to design and innovation in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) range, we have developed a range of lightweight Disruptor products. This article provides an introduction into the Pigstick Lightweight Disruptor.

The Pigstick Lightweight is a general-purpose water jet disruptor, suitable for render safe procedures on IEDs such as parcels and briefcases.

Made of titanium, this disruptor is extremely lightweight. It is easily carried in the field by operational personnel and can be used on the manual stands or Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs). Due to its weight, the Lightweight Pigstick allows operators to use a larger disruptor than normally available to the smaller ROVs range. It is a multi-shot device, capable of many firings and requiring minimum maintenance.

The Pigstick Lightweight may be deployed using the supplied anti-roll clamp, an optional Lightweight or Telescopic stand, or by mounting to an UGV such as the Cyclops, Guardian or Sentinel. Preparation of the disruptor is quick, straightforward, and may be carried out remotely from the target to ensure operator safety.

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ABP is a highly experienced, effective and established provider of EOD and defence equipment. We have a wide range of tailored services designed to meet our clients’ needs and we work to extend the lifetime of the equipment we provide.

At ABP, we know that our customers frequently put themselves into high-risk situations and must be able to rely on the equipment we supply such as our Conventional Disruptor and de-armer systems – a responsibility we take extremely seriously. 

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