Titanium Recoilless Disrupter from ABP


Titanium Recoilless Disrupter from ABP

As part of ABP’s commitment to design and innovation in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) range, we have developed a range of lightweight Disruptor products. This article provides an introduction into the ABL3000 Lightweight Recoilless Disruptor and De-armer.

The ABL3000 Lightweight Recoilless Disruptor is one of the largest disruptors in the ABP range, only trumped by the ABL4000. The unit is made from titanium to reduce overall weight and to give UGVs which normally couldn’t carry this size disruptor the capability.

It is a multi-shot device, capable of many firings and requiring minimal maintenance. The recoilless capability of the disruptor minimises backlash on the mount, extending longevity to the operating platform. Training can be carried out on this disruptor without causing any detriment to its service performance.

ABP takes quality and safety very seriously and so all disruptors are subject to a 100% testing against representative targets, sensitive explosives, and pressure measuring systems. This ensures reliable and consistent performance when in the field, giving minimum collateral damage, and maximum operator safety.

This disruptor can be supplied with additional facilities to provide enhanced capabilities. With a simple substitution of the front barrel assembly and use of the correct projectile, the ABL3000 Lightweight is able to operate as a de-armer, capable of firing a range of solid projectiles such as chisels, slugs and forks.

ABP is a highly experienced, effective and established provider of EOD and defence equipment. We have a wide range of EOD products available, which include a range of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV), a range of Disruptors and De-armers and even a range of specialist EOG equipment.

ABP has over 50 years’ experience serving public and private sectors, which makes us a world leading provider of innovative engineering solutions. We provide a wide range of quality products and services in the design, manufacture and support of electro mechanical equipment. From bomb disposal units to specialist military equipment, our expertise in EOD and defence equipment puts our technologies in use all around the world and makes us proud to be your first choice for the highest quality professional engineering solutions.

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