Specialist EOD Equipment

At ABP, we know that our customers frequently rely on the equipment we supply – a responsibility we take extremely seriously. Click on the Specialist EOD Equipment products listed on this page to find out more about our proven expertise in this area. 


Abrasive Water-Jet Cutting System (AWCS) 

Developed in conjunction with Diajet Ltd, ABP’s AWCS is a high integrity, flexible cutting system. Developed for use in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) or other hazardous applications, the AWCS enables EOD operators to remotely carry out decommissioning operations on uncleared and unexploded munitions in a safe and controlled environment. 

Product Capabilities 

  • 690 Bar operating pressure is two to three times higher than that of competing systems, enabling faster cutting of thicker and harder materials 
  • Low force or vibration is ideal for cutting operations requiring the least risk of disturbance of target 
  • Cold cutting technique generates no heat, permitting effective use in flammable or explosive environments 
  • 3-4 axis manipulation system allows cutting of pre-determined shapes and subsequent entry into a device 
  • Uses less water during operation to reduce logistic demands and eliminate fouling of the target area 
  • Specifically designed to work in harsh environments as defined in UK defence standard 00-35, including operation in hot and cold climates and up to three metres of seawater. All units have a fully weatherproofed design 
  • Rugged intuitive interface and control system provides advanced functionality with low user work load 
  • The system can be easily transported and deployed from a range of vehicles. An optional load base pallet increases this inherent flexibility while also offering a convenient storage solution, enabling deployment from a forklift truck, crane or helicopter 
  • An electronic manipulation system significantly reduces the logistic burden, eliminating the need for ancillary systems or cumbersome hydraulic/pneumatic hoses 
  • All key system elements are easily accessible for simple maintenance procedures 
  • The environmentally friendly system does not use hazardous liquids, creating no noxious gases or dust 

Product Specifications 

  • 6Kw diesel engine with 12v electric start key 
  • 690bar operating pressure: 42 litre water header tank, 5 litres per minute 
  • 12 litre mixing/storage vessel 
  • 20 micron filter system 
  • Operating temperature 0°C – 53°C as standard. Operation in -10°C can be achieved by using a saline solution in place of fresh water 

Click here to download the Abrasive Water-Jet Cutting System Datasheet

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Bomb Suit

The ABL 7000 Bomb suit has been designed to provide excellent protection against fragmentation, blast overpressure, blunt trauma and heat / flame ingress.

Product Capabilities 

  • Zoned armour system provides exceptional fragment protection
  • The Internal Additional Groin protector (IAGP) fitted beneath the bomb suit trousers provides additional fragment and flame protection to the groin area
  • High performance helmet and visor
  • Significant blast over pressure reduction

Product Specifications 

  • Total weight 31.9kg (70 lbs)
  • Packed dimensions: 1.2 x 0.9 x 0.8m (cube 0.864 cu.m), Weight 53Kg
  • Three part, articulated blast plates

Click here to download the Bomb Suit Datasheet

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De-Armer Projectiles 

The ABP Projectiles are designed to be used with ABL900, ABL1000, ABL2000 & ABL3000 De-Armers.

Click here to download the De-Armer Projectiles Datasheet

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Firing Cables 

Twisted firing cable in black and brown, both with a section of 0.75mm² are available in varying lengths. Our robust drum is made of steel and butyl rubber with a durable black finish.

Click here to download the Firing Cables Datasheet

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Flying Scalpel

The Flying Scalpel is designed to be used with the Needle and Needle Plus disruptors. It fits into the barrel of the disruptor and can be fired at cables, cords and similar targets.

Product Specifications 

  •  Weight 65g, Length 118mm, Width 18mm
  •  Non-Conductive Scalpel – Weight 18g, Length 105mm, Width 14mm

Click here to download the Flying Scalpel Datasheet

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Laser Aimer 

The Laser Aiming Assembly is designed to be used in conjunction with our Disruptor range to provide assistance with aiming.

The Laser aiming assembly is provided with a clamp which is designed to fit each respective Disruptor. The Laser itself is a green 5mW laser sight with a standard Picatinny rail mounting. The Laser is easy to use and comes factory calibrated, although if necessary, adjustments can be made using the provided knobs for both Elevation and Horizontal adjustment.

Product Specifications

  • 5mW Green Laser
  • Aluminium body
  • Elevation adjustment
  • Horizontal adjustment
  • 3v CR 123A Lithium battery
  • Picatinny Rail mount
  • Diamond cut grips
  • Long cable switch
  • Interchangable clamps

Click here to download the Laser Aimer Datasheet

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Rocket Wrench

The Rocket Wrench is firmly attached to the fuse by means of Jaw Clamps and is set to rotation by means of two eccentrically mounted, electrically initiated 0.5” cartridges and as such is operated remotely, keeping the operator at a safe distance.

The Rocket Wrench is designed to be used by Military, Police and other security forces for rendering safe conventional unexploded bombs etc, or Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) housed in containers such as fire extinguishers or household gas canisters where the fuse is of a screw-in type.

Product Capabilities 

  • Renders safe, unexploded bombs or IED’s.
  • Operated remotely.

Product Specifications 

  •  Complete kit: Weight 10.8kg, Length 495mm, Width 396mm, Height 195mm

Click here to download the Rocket Wrench Datasheet

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Solex (Exploder)

Solex is designed to be operated in one hand whilst wearing NBC or cold weather clothing. Detonators are connected using a variety of cables.

The ARM and FIRE switches are fitted on one side of the case for operation with the index and middle finger. The TEST button is fitted on the top. Also on the top there is an LED firing counter, a test indicator and an armed indicator.

Product Capabilities 

  • One handed operation even when wearing NBC gloves
  • Firing Circuit integrity test facility
  • Continuity is achieved within one second of pressing the TEST button
  • Arming is achieved within four seconds of pressing the ARM button
  • Firing is achieved within 100ms of pressing the FIRE button
  • If the ARM button is released the unit returns to the fully disarmed state within one second

Product Specifications 

  • Weight 0.29kg, Length 125mm, Width 40mm, Height 71.5mm
  • Max output capacity 7.8 Joules
  • Usage counter
  • Environmentally protected to IP67
  • Temperature Range -19°C to +49°C
  • Storage temperature range -19°C to +49C

Click here to download the Solex (Exploder) Datasheet

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Crimp Tool 

In service with the UK MoD and security agencies around the world, the ABP Crimp Tool is designed to crimp detonators and igniters to safety fuses. 

Product Capabilities 

  • Crimps igniferous detonators to safety fuse with consistent reliability 
  • Design incorporates features to allow additional functionality as a wire stripper, wire cutter, screwdriver or rectifier 
  • Constructed from custom manufactured forgings which are precision machined for consistent and reliable operation  

Click here to download the Crimp Tool Datasheet

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Mine Prodder ABL700 

The ABL700 is designed for locating Anti-Personnel Mines in situations where a magnetic device could detonate a mine. Currently in use with the UK MoD and security agencies around the world, the ABL700 is a popular military tool designed to withstand the rigors of today’s most challenging environments. 

Product Capabilities 

  • Locates mines buried at depths of up to 250mm 
  • Lightweight for optimal portability and deployment 
  • The highly versatile non-magnetic mine prodder is also designed for use in situations where magnetic field is unlikely to cause a problem

Product Specifications 

  • Length: 510mm (Short assembled) 1030mm (long assembled), Mean Diameter: 20.5mm (main body) 6.4mm (spike) 
  • Weight: 409 gm (prodder) 209 gm (stored) 
  • Spike hardness: 45/50 Rockwell C 
  • Colour: NATO Green 
  • Supplied as a kit with webbing carrying case, consisting of spike holder assembly, hand grip and tube assembly

Click here to download the Mine Prodder ABL700 Datasheet.

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Non-Magnetic Toolkit 

Designed for use with Unexploded Ordnances (UXOs) where magnetic fields may increase the threat of detonation, the Non-Magnetic Toolkit delivers a comprehensive set of tooling for high-risk environments.

Product Capabilities 

  • Non-Magnetic to eliminate risk of detonation in magnetic-sensitive environments 
  • Supplied complete with packing and carrying case to protect tooling and enable maximum portability

Product Specifications 

  • Available as 36, 85 or 100 piece kit 
  • Can be requested in imperial, metric or both size standards 
  • Guaranteed against STANAG 2897 Annex C 

Click here to download the Non-Magnetic Toolkit Datasheet.

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Window Breaker 

Designed to completely shatter vehicle windows, the ABP Window Breaker enables rapid entry into a wide range of vehicles. Used either independently or mounted to the barrel of a disruptor, the Window Breaker has undergone comprehensive testing to meet the requirements of UK MoD DOSG. 

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Heavy Duty Hook & Line Set 

The ABP Heavy Duty Hook & Line set has been developed by ABP for the British Army. It is used in operations where it is a required to clear or move large heavy objects such as vehicles. 

Product Specifications 

  • Constructed from precision-manufactured corrosion resistant materials developed in accordance with ABP’s IS09001 quality approval system 
  • Flaw detected and proofed during 
  • Supplied as a complete kit housed in a robust, Wooden container and canvas carry case 
  • Main equipment 1148mm x 555mm x 190 mm and weight 82kg 
  • Reel and case 590mm x 460mm x 481mm and weight 32kg

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Ballistic Paw & Fist

The Paw and Fist are a family of powerful explosive solutions for all forms of EOD both land and maritime. The Ballistic Paw is the junior partner to its big brother the Ballistic Fist. 

Product Specification

  • Self-filling device using non-explosive flammable liquid
  • Classified HAZMAT Class 3
  • Immediate advantages over conventional 1.1 explosives; security, transportation, compatibility and  shipping / product costs
  • Device all up weight – 350gm
  • The is a powerful self-fill explosive solution (240mm ø – 4.5 litre capacity) for large land and marine EOD as well as having excellent mining quarrying applications.

Click here to download the  Ballistic Paw & Fist Datasheet

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