Product Design & Prototyping

Comprehensive on-site expertise and extensive resources allow us to design and prototype solutions for virtually any application. From bank note banders to gate line equipment and attendance points on the London Underground, our full concept-to-production service includes extensive after sales support.

To give you a better idea of what this involves, we’ve listed a range of typical services involved in an DSSP design and prototyping project below: 

  • Feasibility studies 
  • Concept generation and evaluation 
  • Value engineering 
  • Design – mechanical, electrical and software 
  • FMEA 
  • Preparation of drawings to customers’ requirements 
  • Prototyping and design validation 
  • Functional testing 
  • Approvals testing 
  • Full drawing pack preparation

Our expertise, your manufacturing solution 

To date, we’ve taken a diverse range of projects from concept right through to completion. As the best evidence of our ability to deliver exceptional product solutions, we’ve listed a few of our most successful projects below. Please click on the following links to find out more. 


Consoles and Workstations for Military Applications 

We design custom enclosures, workstations and cabinets for housing electronic equipment to meet naval requirements. Our past extensive past experience enabled us to fulfill the requirements of the QEC Aircraft Carrier Programme for the supply of Workstations and Local Operator Consoles used throughout the ship.

Precision Lens and Mirror Mounts for Scientific Applications 

We have designed and manufactured a range of remotely adjustable Lens and Mirror mounts for op to 600 mm lenses for vacuum use as part of the Orion Project at AWE. 


Gate Line Attendance Point

Designed for use on the London Underground, our unique Gate Line Attendance Points were developed for constant use in high demand environments. The points have subsequently been successfully installed on the Jubilee Line Extension with smaller compact versions being deployed throughout the network. 


Product in Focus: Drum Segregator 

This was manufactured and supplied to the Royal Mail and Siemens to sort machineable mail from mail over 6mm thick. Operating at input rates of over 40,000 items per hour and engineered to eliminate jams, this highly reliable machine has been installed at a range of sites around the country and overseas. 


Bank Note Bander 

Designed for De La Rue for the 6000 Series High Speed Sorter, the Bander was developed to band up to 150 bank notes at a time. The unique system uses thermal transfer technology to print tracking data on the band. 


Aircraft De-Humidifier 

Designed for the Ministry of Defence, we developed this de-humidifier to ensure that aircraft on the ground remain dry and operational at all times. As a specialised solution, custom-designed and built to exacting requirements, our dehumidifier technology is available in electric and diesel versions. 

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