Engineering Solutions

As a one-stop-shop for product, equipment and systems design and manufacture, ABP’s Defence Support & Special Products business is founded on extensive experience and proven expertise across diverse market sectors. We know that no problem is without a solution – no matter how complex – which is why we offer today’s customers a full design to installation service, allowing them to outsource the effort and the risk. 

Our highly responsive, professional service is a great example of DSSP’s teamwork philosophy. By making our team a part of your team, we apply proven project management and engineering capabilities to become far more than a subcontractor. The result? An expertly engineered solution that’s tailored to your application and right for you in every way. 


Taking you from problem to solution, concept to reality 

The Defence Support & Special Products team offers a wide range of manufacturing services, in addition to a full product design and prototyping facility. 

Our capabilities are well proven across a wide variety of industries. For example, we manufactured and installed a large number of sorting machines and drum segregator systems for the Royal Mail and Siemens. We also work on and support projects for other large-scale organisations including the London Underground and the UK Ministry of Defence. 

By applying our unique skills and resources to absolutely any area of design and manufacture, we minimise your engineering involvement and eliminate your risk. 

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