Defence Equipment and Support

ABP is a highly experienced, effective and established provider of Defence Equipment, Support & Special Products, comprising a comprehensive range of tailored services designed to maintain and extend the lifetime of legacy military equipment in use with today’s Armed Forces. In addition new product development is offered to meet ever changing needs.

By working alongside the UK Ministry of Defence and allied organisations for over 40 years more now, DSSP has unparalleled depth of knowledge in the military sector that defines our capability and sets us apart from our competitors. Our experience in problem-solving applications and obsolescence management puts us at the forefront of expertise available anywhere in the British Isles.


In-Service Support: maximum systems availability, minimum customer input

Our highly skilled, multi-disciplined engineering and support team is dedicated to the delivery of an exceptional level of in-service support including industry-leading Project Planning and Project Management capabilities. Spanning Post Design Services (PDS), Contractor Logistics Support & Contracting for Availability (CLS/CFA), Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and Build-to-Print activities, our expertise ensures your equipment is ready to perform when you need it, wherever you need it.


Expertise you can count on

Our DSSP teams have extensive experience and a proven track record working with specialist military defence equipment deployed by the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and Army. This enables us to develop and support a range of high precision products for critical environments. Defence equipment and applications include echo sounders and portable underwater telephones. Our planning and management skills sit alongside proven abilities to meet tough deadlines and budgets.

In addition, DSSP stands as your one-stop-shop for defence equipment and support services through the supply of an extensive array of NATO stock spares.


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