The changing world of Disruptors

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The changing world of Disruptors

Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) continue to be the weapon of choice for the modern day terrorist from the Middle East as we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan recently and continually in South America and across Europe and the African continent. The aim of the terrorist activity has not changed over the years to destroy, cause destruction and disruption to the government or foreign forces. What has changed is the type of IED used from the letter bomb device to the roadside and car bombs of today.

In this article, David Brooker – EOD Product Manager gives us his view on the ‘changing world of disruptors’.

More empathise these days in the beginning of a campaign is to gather evidence from any IED so the correct selection of disruptors tool is vital. A general disruption with the most powerful disruptor will more than likely disrupt the IED but will leave little or no evidence for the forensic teams to work with.

While methodology and advances in technology have changed the look an impact of IED’s, the fundamental electro-mechanical systems remain the same. Therefore the security industry has so far managed to provide the necessary IED Disposal (IEDD) capability to match the threat.

Major consideration for disruptor manufactures these days are not only the type and size of the IED but consideration these days must be taken into account to include collateral damage to the surrounding area especially during urban operations, integration with Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s), human factors and operator safety.

The main categories of disruptors are conventional, recoilless, disposable, lightweight, stand back attack and those that can also double up as de-armers.

The type and size of the IED will determine the size of disruptor selected by the IED operator, if in a confined space or working within a safe area the need to keep the disruptor from recoiling is a consideration and a recoilless version can be selected, be it totally recoilless or a disruptor with a recoil reducer on.

EOD Manufacturers

The IED industry is always challenged when trying to second guess the new trends in IED development, The sensitivity of sharing information across all stakeholders be it government to industry or commercially form company to company can be a barrier to swift deployment but with the closer links form government to industry this barriers are begin to be broken down and with the increasing numbers of IED/EOD operators with operational experience now ending their career as operators and moving into the security industry as advisors, trainers and consultants the industry is in a good place to meet the ever growing use of IED’s worldwide.

In general companies within the IED sector with a proven track record and a history of professionalism within the industry do successfully anticipate the challenges in the ever evolving IED world and this is evidenced in the high quality product range of available of disruptors and associated tools in the market place today.

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