How Can Businesses Prepare for Industry 4.0?


How Can Businesses Prepare for Industry 4.0?

A recent report from Siemens UK has claimed that advanced, integrated technology will create thousands of jobs and could massively boost the UK manufacturing sector, but how can businesses prepare for this huge paradigm shift?

Executives from both large and small companies, along with university academics were brought together for the ‘Made Smarter’ report to help inform the government’s industrial strategy plans. The report advised that whilst there would be job losses in unskilled roles, this would be balanced out by increased productivity and more exports, thus creating jobs.

In order to ensure a minority of job losses, companies must retrain their existing staff so they can transition to less manual tasks, such as robot managing and programming.

The report proposes; targeted support for companies in re-training workers, five digital research centres across the country to improve our automation capabilities, and a national commission to turn Britain into a global leader in industrial automation.

The recommendations laid out in this report are hoped to ensure the future prosperity of the UK manufacturing sector, and to fend off the potential losses of jobs before they appear. Nevertheless, it seems like the makeup of the UK manufacturing industry is going to drastically change over the coming years.

To read the full report, visit the website here.

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