Bomb Disposal Suits: Evolution and Precision for Ultimate Protection in the Field

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Bomb Disposal Suits: Evolution and Precision for Ultimate Protection in the Field

At ABP we’re proud to design and manufacture top-of-the-range protective wear for bomb disposal personnel who save innumerable lives worldwide through their skill, training and courage.

The bomb disposal field is doubtlessly one of the most technically-dependent of human activities. It’s been a rapidly-evolving practice since the mid-19th century, and so necessarily is the history of EOD protective wear.

Today’s bomb suits are precision-designed to protect human operatives from the obvious dangers of fragmentation, blast overpressure, blunt trauma and heat or flame ingress – but amazingly, in the earliest bomb disposal missions, operatives were sent out not only without protective gear, but also shirtless, due to the manual nature of digging around devices before defusing. It’s a very frightening thought – and many lives were lost.

The first protective gear designed specifically for bomb disposal was made of Kevlar-type material, sometimes with armoured plates made from metal- or fibre-reinforced plastic. But research in the mid-1990s showed that these were ineffective against the blast waves themselves, which could cause fatal internal injuries.

Bomb disposal had become a formalized practice during the First World War, but modern practices trace their lineage back to the Blitz, when unexploded bombs took a huge toll on the civilian population, badly impacting on public morale. 1940s bomb disposal was an extremely hazardous business, with the average life expectancy of an operative being just 10 weeks at the height of the German bombing raids.

Since then, bomb disposal has been a constant in war zones worldwide, as well as a key activity in combatting terrorist atrocities. Fortunately, much of the work is now done by robots, and contemporary human bomb disposal operatives can be equipped with state-of-the-art protective gear that saves countless lives and limbs every single day.

At ABP, our ABL7000 Bomb Suit is now in its tenth generation, incorporating a multitude of innovative features developed over the years. A zoned armour system provides exceptional protection against fragmentation, and the suit features PTT hard-wired communications as well as an integral back protector, a cooling suit, a two-part articulated blast plate and a closed- or open-faced helmet. The whole suit weighs just 31.9kg (70 lbs).

There are also optional accessories such as wrist controllers, whole-body cooling suits and steel visors for a whole host of activities and scenarios.

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ABP is a leading provider of EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) and IEDD (Improvised Explosive Device Disposal) equipment. We have formed strong relationships with military organisations and have been a long-term prime contractor for the Ministry of Defence. We have secured a position as the market leader following so many years of experience and continue to develop pioneering technologies in the industry.

ABP develops bespoke products to suit customers’ specific requirements. We have an in-house capability allowing us to draw together our practical explosive ordnance disposal experience and innovative engineering expertise to develop and supply equipment customers can rely on.

As a global provider of market leading tactical EOD equipment, we offer a flexible and bespoke solution to our clients, including UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicles), Conventional and Recoilless Disruptors and De-armers and Specialist EOD equipment.

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