Bomb Disposal Robots – What Do They Do?

Bomb Disposal Robots – What Do They Do?

For over 40 years now, bomb disposal robots have been used to safely disable explosive ordnance. Prior to their use, highly skilled bomb technicians were responsible for the incredibly dangerous task of disabling a live bomb. Only in the last decade have there been a range of robots capable of properly disarming a bomb without any physical assistance. Before this, robots were developed without prosthetic arms which seriously limited their capabilities and meant that bomb disposal units were still required to be in the firing line. Since the development of EOD robots, bomb disposal units are now able to stay a safe distance away from a site whilst the robot disarms the live device, saving lives in the process.

The key to any bomb disposal mission is to render the explosive ordnance device inert without causing it to detonate. Bomb disposal robots often achieve this by firing a high-pressure jet of water at wires on the device. An explosive device usually requires a power supply to detonate: disrupting this wire means the circuit is broken and thus rendered inert, if not safe. However, in some cases, devices have secondary systems that cause the device to explode if it is tampered with which is why it is safer to use a robot for bomb disposal.

Other than being the safest and most effective form of bomb disposal equipment, EOD robots can also prove to be much less expensive than training up a bomb disposal officer despite the large initial investment costs. As research and development continues to reach new heights, EOD robots will only become even more practicable and sufficient in years to come.

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