Robot Cells

Since the cost of industrial robots is falling, the choice of potential, cost-effective applications harnessing the power of this technology is increasing all the time. With years of experience working in the field of robotic-based systems, our Project Teams utilise robotics to deliver exceptional results where this proves cost-effective for our customers. 

Our experience in this area ranges from clean room robotic applications in electronic and medical device industries, to high capacity robots in an automotive press shop.  

This experience also extends to working with a diverse range of robotics, including ABB, Staubli, Comau and Kuka multi-axis robots, and Sankyo SCARA robots.  

We have also established a working partnership agreement with ABB. This Partnership enables us to work closely with one of the industry’s leading robot manufacturers in delivering highly effective solutions to our customers.

Plus, by running our entire robot programming operations in-house, we are fully equipped to seamlessly integrate your entire assembly system. 

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