Electrical and Electronic 

With electronics dominating much of today’s manufacturing output, it’s essential that manufacturers are equipped with the tools to maximise throughput, cost-efficiency and repeatability. In this fast-paced environment, automated processes are restoring competitiveness to the UK and Europe’s electronics assembly lines. 

As the creators of fully automated electrical and electronics manufacturing solutions, the level of repeat business generated by the ABP Automation Project Teams in this sector is testament to the results we consistently deliver. From high speed connector assembly systems, to pallet conveyor-based platforms for device assembly and test, we maximise your efficiency to boost yields and investment returns. 

Recent electrical and electronic project achievements include: 

  • Optical Data Storage Disc Handling System 
  • Capacitor Assembly 
  • Reed Switch Evacuation & Welding 
  • Electrical Connector Collet Assembly 
  • Dry Film Machine 
  • Clip Insertion Machine 

Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals 

The critical role of automation in the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries is widely acknowledged. Effective, reliable processes are vital to the continuing development and prosperity of this industry – which explains why we have been supplying the highest quality solutions to meet diverse medical and pharmaceutical requirements for many years. 

From selecting the right materials for clean room environments, to providing the documentation necessary to comply with GAMP4, ABP Automation Project Teams are highly experienced in this demanding sector.


Prototyping & Studies 

Since the capital investment required to install a fully validated system can be high, it is sensible to minimise the technical risk before committing resources to a full production machine. That’s why we initially undertake in-depth studies to review the process, evaluate available technologies and analyse process solutions. 

We use these findings to construct simple prototypes to prove key processing steps – ensuring that you proceed to a production ready system in absolute confidence. 

Recent medical devices and pharmaceuticals project achievements include: 

  • Contact Lens Manufacture and Inspection 
  • Metered Dose Inhaler Inspection Machine 
  • Wound Dressing Automated Assembly System 
  • Fully Automated Rotary MDI Inspection Unit 
  • Probe Assembly Workstation 

Consumer Goods 

With the potential to dramatically reduce labour costs and increase throughput, automation is the key to remaining competitive in today’s demanding, global manufacturing environment. 

Equipped with a blend of experience, expertise and resources, ABP Automation Project Teams have implemented effective solutions across a diverse range of manufacturing industries, from the design, implementation and support of automated soap powder dispenser assembly systems, to gas meter assembly and test platforms. 

In fact, the equipment we design and build have helped to create a myriad of everyday items. However, one part of the automation development process is always the same – we work closely with our customers to develop the most cost-effective solution to meet their exact process and commercial needs. 

Recent consumer goods project achievements include: 

  • Gas Detection Cell Assembly 
  • Electricity Meter Function Test 
  • Pen Barrel Machining 
  • Domestic Shower End of Line Testing 

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