ABP Rocket Wrench

ABP Rocket Wrench

The ABP Rocket Wrench is an ideal remote means of rendering safe unexploded munitions that incorporate a large screw-in fuze.

The ABP Rocket Wrench is designed to be used by EOD operators as a means of remotely removing fuzes from large munitions and Air Dropped Weapons.

The Rocket wrench is mounted on the fuze by both conical and straight jaws and is powered by two electrically initiated 0.5 calibre cartridges.

At ABP we supply military, law enforcement and first responders around the world with bomb disposal tools and military equipment. ABP is highly experienced in the design, manufacture and supply of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and improvised explosive device (IED) disposal equipment and provides bespoke products or adapts existing EOD products to suit the end-user’s specific requirements.

Having an in-house capability based in Poole in the south of the United Kingdom means that ABP can draw together its operational explosive ordnance disposal experience and innovative engineering expertise to develop and supply equipment end-users can rely on in hostile and challenging environments.

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