ABP Workshop in Ketrzyn


ABP Workshop in Ketrzyn

Last month, ABP carried out a live demonstration at the Border Guard Training Facility in Kętrzyn.

The venture focused Ketrzyn Border Guard officers, mostly from institutions protecting airports and representatives of other departments, who every day perform tasks in the business area of sapper-pyrotechnic executive positions,related to the content and training demonstrated in the workshop.

The workshop was designed to show the new technological solutions, not only in the theoretical sense but also practical, providing the opportunity for the guards to improve and learn under the guidance of experts from ABP who demonstrated how to effectively use their Sentinel robot.

Participants learned new trends in the activities of sapper-pyrotechnic, for example using colorimetric methods for the identification of explosives and learned about new types of containers for the transportation and storage of explosives.

Many of the workshops are conducted by instructors from the UK, Israel, and Romania. Workshops are also a good time for the departments involved to discuss and collaborate with regards to the protection of the NATO summit and the World Youth Days.

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