ABP will showcase The Sentinel at DSEI 2019

ABP will showcase The Sentinel at DSEI 2019

Later this year, ABP will showcase the ‘Sentinel’ from its range of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) at DSEI, a leading defence and security event. The Sentinel is a heavy-duty Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) robot, renowned for its robustness and reliability. With applications extending to CBRN, this unique ROV is widely deployed by military, law enforcement and security agencies around the world.

A noticeable feature of the Sentinel is its 6 degrees of freedom arm, which is electronically controlled by actuators and has a lifting capacity of 100kgs retracted and 30kgs extended. As well as its strength, the arm boasts an impressive reach also. Capable of extending to 2.4m vertically and 2m horizontally at various speeds, the freedom arm allows the Sentinel to reach what would otherwise be inaccessible locations.

Designed and developed for use over rough terrains such as road, sand, marsh and rock, the Sentinel uses six independent wheel motors which allow for travel over any surface, making it the ideal application of use in the harsh environments and highly versatile. The vehicle itself can be easily controlled through a briefcase-style based station and TFT display, with full electric actuator control also available with the use of a portable hand controller. A proportional joystick control allows for precise operation, even at the max 5mph speed and the sharpest of inclines. The base station provides total control, this, combined with the extensive manoeuvrability of freedom arm and wheel motors enables the Sentinel to climb inclines upwards of 35-degrees.

When detailed, close range observation is required, the Sentinel utilises its spotlight and four cameras/video channels, emitting high quality images back to the control station, giving the operator a full view of the area. With this information, the Sentinels four firing terminals can be used effectively with precision accuracy. The Sentinel also has an extended radio range of up to 1km in a built-up area and a line of sight of >1km as it uses using Military Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum and COFDM Video. This allow the operator to deploy the Sentinel from a safe distance whilst ensuring efficiency and accuracy remains.

DSEI will run from September 10th to 13th at Excel London. It is a world leading event that connects governments, national armed forces, industry thought leaders and the global defence & security supply chain on an unrivalled scale. We look forward to seeing you there. Visit us on Stand S3-232 – UK Pavilion.

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