ABP will showcase The Guardian at DSEI 2019

ABP will showcase The Guardian at DSEI 2019

ABP will showcase the ‘Guardian’ from its range of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) at DSEI this year. The Guardian is a unique combination of size, payload capacity, reach and dexterity. With added operability and ability it can negotiate a wide variety of urban and rural terrain. This “future proof” modular/open architecture construction, allows the Guardian to eclipse the capabilities of current competitors. Guardian ROV comes complete with a control station, optional big wheel kit, Manipulator and hand held controller and can fire a variant of disruptor/de-armers.

Renowned for its ‘reach’ and ‘dexterity’, the Guardian has an arm that extends to a reach of 2.6m vertically or 2.1m horizontally. The Guardian’s hybrid extending / folding arm has been designed to be strong and robust allowing deployment of significant payloads with the arm extended and up to 30kg with the arm retracted. The arm extension capability avoids deployment difficulties in confined spaces often encountered with unfolding arm systems. The elbow joint provides “reach over” and “reach in” capability as required when deploying equipment into such areas as aircraft overhead lockers and car boots. The maximum vertical reach with the vehicle in “tip toe” mode is 2.6m.

Equipped with four cameras on board, and can be supplied with an additional 3600 situation awareness camera the Guardian control station is housed in an attaché style case and has been developed to offer the operator maximum situational awareness with minimum operator workload and intuitive control. Video images from the four vehicle cameras are displayed on a dedicated 17” (430mm) high brightness TFT display. The picture in picture capability allows display of multiple camera images in a variety of configurations. Key functions are achieved by dedicated controls whilst sub functions are controlled by a separate 10.4” (264mm) touch screen situated in the base of the case. A powerful and unique feature that provides the operator with crucial information is the 3D vehicle mimic displayed on the touch screen. This image is an accurate representation of the vehicle and its position and takes account of configuration and terrain position. This information allows the operator to automatically see potential instability or situations where actions such as weapon firings may impact on the vehicle. GPS is also included as standard to provide additional positional data. Communication between the vehicle and base station can be by either radio or fibre optic cable. The fibre optic cable can be deployed from a passive spooler.

Guardian has a gap crossing capability of 500mm and a top speed of 2.8kph. The Guardian’s chassis has been developed to offer a highly stable and manoeuvrable platform. Track modules are able to move continuously through 360 degrees as independent front and rear pairs, ensuring great versatility in positioning, which in turn provides class leading obstacle negotiation capability and extremely stable stair climbing. The ability to significantly change the vehicle’s footprint ensures stability, allows extended arm reach when required and aids adjustment to minimum size when accessing confined spaces. Off road wheels are fitted to enhance the cross-country capability, whilst retaining the track modules to assist in obstacle negotiation. Maximum ground clearance has been maintained to prevent “beaching” on obstacles in uneven terrain.

DSEI will run from September 10th to 13th at Excel London. It is a world leading event that connects governments, national armed forces, industry thought leaders and the global defence & security supply chain on an unrivalled scale. We look forward to seeing you there. Visit us on stand Stand S3-232 – UK Pavilion.

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