ABP supplies Innovative Functional Test Rig to Horstman Defence Systems Ltd

ABP supplies Innovative Functional Test Rig to Horstman Defence Systems Ltd

Horstman Defence Systems Limited is a world leading designer and developer of military vehicle suspension systems. Horstman supplies Hydropneumatic suspension solutions for ultra-lightweight wheeled vehicles through tracked vehicles up to the heaviest vehicles in the fleet-main battle tanks.


ABP was required to produce a new and innovative design of a high-pressure test system based on an existing design. This new system was to incorporate features and upgrades that advanced the capabilities of the existing system. The project was technically challenging and time critical as the system had to be delivered to an end user within a tightly defined timeframe.


ABP designed, engineered and built the Functional Test Rig (FTR) to allow the testing and verification of Horstman’s suspension units before they are supplied to the end customer. The Test Rig System uses a mixture of servo drivers, high-pressure nitrogen and oil, coupled with a robust control and safety system to validate the build of the suspension units. This is the second system that ABP has supplied capable of testing this particular suspension unit. The first system is currently operating successfully at Horstman’s site in Bath. This upgraded second system is to be delivered to Horstman’s client.

Daniel Reeve, Process Development Engineer, at Horstman comments “The team at ABP was really supportive at all stages of the project. Helping implement improvements communicated by the operations team in to the design effectively. The benefits are huge as the upgrades will help limit downtime and improve the safety of the test rig”.