ABP Robot supports Hong Kong Police Force


ABP Robot supports Hong Kong Police Force

During this pandemic when everyone’s focus is on Covid-19, worldwide security forces are still out battling increased activity from terrorist organisations. With public spaces being a prime target for these organisations aiming to cause high public casualties whilst achieving maximum media coverage.

The Hong Kong police held an anti-terrorism drill enacting real time scenarios in which improvised explosive devices were placed in public spaces.

These explosives (especially improvised ones) do not usually target any one group in particular but look to cause chaos and potential deadly destruction amongst civilians.

The drill, which included over 250 people from the police, fire and immigration departments was organised primarily to better prepare the officers in case of potential bomb attacks and to improve their skills in protecting civilians.

ABP is pleased to support the Hong Kong security forces with critical EOD equipment, including the Sentinel Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV).

This unique UGV is currently being widely deployed by military, law enforcement and security agencies around the world. The Sentinel is a heavy duty, reliable and robust EOD robot with applications extending to CBRN. It is easily controlled from a distance through a briefcase-style control station and TFT display that provides a standoff capability to detect, confirm, identify and dispose of hazards. Weighing roughly 270kg the Sentinel robot is known for its versatility; its six independent wheel motors can handle the most difficult terrains. The manipulator arm has a lifting capacity of 100kgs retracted and 30kgs extended.


You can watch the drill on YouTube by clicking here.