The ABP Limpet Mine Disposal Equipment (LMDE)


The ABP Limpet Mine Disposal Equipment (LMDE)

The ABP LMDE was specifically designed for maritime operations, targeting thin cased limpet mines on ship hulls or underwater structures. Developed in the mid-seventies the LMDE was the birthplace of the now well-established PIGSTICK disruptor used globally to disrupt IEDs on the surface.  The LMDE today continues to deliver a high-quality of performance in operations disrupting conventional limpet mines and IEDs placed under the waterline on ships. 

EOD Equipment

The LMDE is prepared on land using the standard ABP LMDE Service Cartridge for live operations or the Cartridge Practice during training. On entering the water, the buoyancy aids are removed in order to assist the EOD operator/diver full control over positioning of the disruptor. The LMDE uses a high strength magnet to securely lock the steel baseplate allowing stability when firing. The LMDE can be fired from the surface using the standard ABP firing cable and Solex exploder.

At ABP we are highly experienced in the design, manufacture and supply of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and improvised explosive device (IED) disposal equipment. We can develop bespoke products or adapt existing products to your end-user requirements.

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