ABP Implements Award-Winning 123insight ERP System

ABP Implements Award-Winning 123insight ERP System

An ERP system connects core business processes such as procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, finance, CRM, Sales, HR, and more in one cohesive system.

In this article we ask Peter Thackwray, Supply Chain Manager at ABP, just what the new manufacturing software ERP system means for ABP.


Q1. What are the benefits of this enhanced connectivity for ABP?

In order to derive the most benefit from enhanced connectivity, it is important to take stock of the current situation and identify any areas that require attention or improvement.

For ABP it is a great opportunity to review current processes, in line with the methodology a new system brings.

The incoming enhancement should dictate the information flow and will highlight areas where improvements are required to ensure the process is as lean as possible. The importance of accurate data is essential, as this will help in all areas to reduce costs and prevent taking unnecessary actions and risks.

Overall ABP will benefit with a more streamlined and efficient process from incoming orders to goods out.


Q2. Why is now the right time for ABP to implement a new manufacturing management system?

There are a number of reasons. The current process does not flow as smoothly as it could, communication can always be more effective and as a company we are always striving to improve key targets in terms of costs and customer expectations.

The new software system gives ABP the chance to regroup and focus on the areas where improvements are required. The system will demand that the process be followed providing a framework around which all departments must work to achieve our business targets.

ABP is experiencing growth in sales, with predicted future potential to grow. In line with these developments, ABP requires a system that can expand to suit the company. In terms of the new ERP system, it not only has the capabilities to meet and adapt with the demand but also the timing is perfect.  


Q3. Operational visibility and real-time reporting are two key factors with an ERP system. How important are these factors for ABP’s productivity?

The reporting structure of the new system will help us develop more quickly with the relevant information to hand.

The visibility will be a great asset helping to identify where bottlenecks are building up and the process is not flowing.

The combination of real-time reporting and greater visibility, not just from the system but also physically around the factory, will have a positive effect on faster closing times, tighter control and consolidation, elimination of manual data entry errors, and reduced risks thus resulting in more time for data analysis and accurate decision making.


Q4. An effective ERP system allows you to rapidly identify and act on new opportunities. As an innovative manufacturer of Counter EO products and systems, how can ABP maximise this opportunity?

The marketplace demands rapid accurate results and for suppliers to be of the highest calibre in all aspects of manufacturing.

Every company in today’s business world utilises varying modes of operation. The requirement is to stay relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing environment. Hence, there is a need for an efficient and dependable way to capture, analyse and store information. Creating the ability to plan realistic scenarios including forecasts and estimates is a key performance factor. This is a where an award-winning system such as 123insight is extremely effective.