Quality Policy

AB Precision (Poole) Limited is committed to complying with and continually improving the effectiveness of our quality system to satisfy our organisation goals and the expectations and needs of our customers. Measurable quality objectives are established and reviewed to ensure that our customers requirements are fulfilled, on time, to specification and in the most cost effective manner.  

Adherence to the quality system involves all of the Company’s activities and employees. All employees are responsible for the quality of their own work and are committed to participate in the effective operation of the system. 

Documented within our procedures are the requirements designed to ensure that the factors affecting the quality of our products and services are under control.  

AB Precision ensures that all relevant personnel are competent through ongoing training and education. AB Precision is committed to complying with all relevant Statutory and Regulatory requirements. 

The policies, processes and procedures defined in our quality system are compliant with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001, as certified by the British Standards Institute. 

Every solution developed and delivered by our teams is engineered to the highest levels of quality, and this is traceable and proven through our compliance with key industry standards. Take a look at our recent accreditations by clicking on the links below. 

ISO9001:2015 Certificate


Global Reach 

In providing critical services to companies world wide, it is essential that everyone we work with upholds our own high standards. This is why we partner with a trusted network of agents around the world, ensuring that all ABP customers receive a service they can depend on – no matter where they are. 

To learn more about the ABP agent for your region please contact us.

Interested in becoming an agent for ABP? Please email details of your organisation here.