Environmental Statement

The Company recognises that its products, activities and services impact the environment. We believe that managing the environmental implications of our activities is an integral part of good management practice.

The company is committed to applying the following principles to its activities:  

  • Establishing clearly defined objectives and targets that address the environmental issues relevant to the Company’s operations. 
  • Complying with the applicable legal and regulatory framework wherever we operate. 
  • Minimising the use of hazardous substances. 
  • Reducing waste and the consumption of resources (energy, fuel, water, packaging & materials) wherever practical and appropriate. 
  • Minimising the impact of business travel and product distribution on the environment. 
  • Ensuring environmental issues are considered in the design of new products and the introduction of new processes, services or facilities in order to minimise adverse impacts and improve environmental performance. 
  • Designing all new products to be RoHS compliant and converting all existing products to be RoHS compliant as components become available (even though our current product range is not within the scope of the RoHS and WEEE regulations). 
  • Responding to valid concerns of neighbouring communities. 
  • Providing support, information and training to Company staff with respect to environmental matters. 
  • Being prepared for environmental incidents or emergencies 
  • Seeking ways to improve the environmental performance of the Company’s suppliers and other business partners 
  • Operating a No Smoking policy