Abrasive Water-Jet Cutting System (AWCS)

Developed in conjunction with Diajet Ltd, ABP’s AWCS is a high integrity, flexible cutting system currently in use by the UK MoD. Developed for use in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) or other hazardous applications, the AWCS enables EOD operators to remotely carry out decommissioning operations on uncleared and unexploded munitions in a safe and controlled environment.

Product Capabilities

  • 690 Bar operating pressure is two to three times higher than that of competing systems, enabling faster cutting of thicker and harder materials
  • Low force or vibration is ideal for cutting operations requiring the least risk of disturbance of target
  • Cold cutting technique generates no heat, permitting effective use in flammable or explosive environments
  • 3-4 axis manipulation system allows cutting of pre-determined shapes and subsequent entry into a device
  • Uses less water during operation to reduce logistic demands and eliminate fouling of the target area
  • Specifically designed to work in harsh environments as defined in UK defence standard 00-35, including operation in hot and cold climates and up to three metres of seawater. All units have a fully weatherproofed design
  • Rugged intuitive interface and control system provides advanced functionality with low user work load
  • The system can be easily transported and deployed from a range of vehicles. An optional load base pallet increases this inherent flexibility while also offering a convenient storage solution, enabling deployment from a forklift truck, crane or helicopter
  • An electronic manipulation system significantly reduces the logistic burden, eliminating the need for ancillary systems or cumbersome hydraulic/pneumatic hoses
  • All key system elements are easily accessible for simple maintenance procedures
  • The environmentally friendly system does not use hazardous liquids, creating no noxious gases or dust

Product Specifications

  • 6Kw diesel engine with 12v electric start key
  • 690bar operating pressure: 42 litre water header tank, 5 litres per minute
  • 12 litre mixing/storage vessel
  • 20 micron filter system
  • Operating temperature 0°C - 53°C as standard. Operation in -10°C can be achieved by using a saline solution in place of fresh water

Click here to download the AWCS Datasheet.